First of all, this has been a rough year for everyone. We want to take this opportunity to say Hello! and give everyone a virtual hug. It has been a difficult year with all the uncertainty, looming recession and the grim numbers. It is definitely depressing at times reading the news everyday, do remember to take a break from it occasionally. Chat with us, if you need to talk. We will be here if you need a listening ear.

On the positive note, a lot of issues have been brought to light, we will not elaborate on this but you can check it out on the news or via DietPrada (Instagram). It reminds us of the phase "United we stand, Divided we fall." We believe it is important to be educated about these issues regardless of which side you stand with. And you don't have to if you are not ready.

Lastly, please keep yourself, your family and others safe. Learn how you can do it via reliable sources. Be considerate, it will help save lives.